Game, Set and Match! — An Interview with BYSC Tennis Coach Rita

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BYSC Tennis Coach

By Arden Franklyn

Although some believe tennis is an exclusive sport, it’s actually largely recognized around the world as a mainstream activity that can be played by virtually anyone.  I recently caught up with Coach Rita, who leads the Backyard Sports Cares’ afterschool tennis program every Thursday at Ridgeway Elementary. The veteran tennis coach typically instructs a group of close to ten children the fundamentals of the game. Rita shares her experience with us.

BYSC – How is everything going with this program and how did you get involved with Backyard Sports?

Rita – It’s going pretty good and the kids have been sticking with the program. I used to coach at the Scarsdale Middle and High Schools and sometime in 2002, I met BYSC founder, Danny Bernstein. We hit it off and he asked me to coach for his program and I’ve been here every since.

BYSC – What were your earliest memories as a tennis coach?

Rita – It was pretty tough. I never worked with kids so young – kindergarteners, etc., but after going through a couple of lessons, I was able to adjust and everything started to fall into place.

BYSC – Having been a member of the Backyard Sports program for some time now, how do you feel about its growth?

Rita – I see a lot of potential here and I think we can develop these children into great players in the near future. I see a lot of talent in the groups that are playing tennis and other sports. In a couple of years, we can really make something special.

BYSC – Do you have any words of encouragement for someone who would want to play tennis?

Rita -I would say kids should play the game and become serious about it. It’s a very good game and you can learn a lot from it. Although other kids are playing different sports, if they experience the competition and pride from those playing the sport, they would like it.

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