Tennis Anyone?

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Backyard Sports Cares Brings Special Needs Friends & Fun to the Court

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Volunteers and members of Backyard Sports gathered at Ridgeway Alliance Church in White Plains on Sunday, April 3rd, for some intense and competitive games geared around the exhilarating game of tennis. The tennis program, led by Backyard Sports Cares and teen volunteers, helps special needs kids, 12 and up, learn the game of tennis in a fun engaging way.

“I love helping and interacting with the kids,” raves Avery Goldberg, BYSC teen volunteer. This lively Sunday program runs through the month of April and makes for happy kids and happy parents. Parents get to sit on the bleachers just steps away from the action watching their kids learn the game. Sebastien Guillot, an ambitious and enthusiastic member of the tennis program says, “It feels kind of like training for future athletes, but I’ve got my other dream – cooking!” Backyard Sports hopes Sebastien and all of the other kids chase their dreams whether it’s tennis, cooking or anything they put their mind to!      

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