Learning to play basketball also teaches sharing and teamwork among teens with special needs

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Consuelo Engel shares her and her son James’ experience as a participant in Backyard Sports Cares PLUS program for teen athletes with special abilities. For more than two years, 18-year-old James has been building his skills on the court while connecting with teammates and volunteer peer mentors. The teen program is an off-shoot of BYSC original PLUS program for kids ages 5 to 14. Catering to adolescents and young adults 15+, the teen program offers a more competitive team option for older special needs players.

consuelo and James engel

“The coaches have great skills. They are inspiring and they hold the kids’ attention so they stay on task. Matching players with other teen volunteers is really beneficial. James loves playing with the “regular” kids and the program has really increased his understanding of teamwork, sharing, and thinking outside of himself.”

— Consuelo Engel

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