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  • Cameron Moser Talks About BYSC Travel Soccer League

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    Categories Vol. 7 Summer 2016


    The Backyard Sports spring soccer league was launched last year to give a competitive travel-soccer league experience to elementary and middle school kids who don’t have the financial resources to pay the fees for participation. Eleven areas are participating this year, up from eight last year. Teams begin practicing in mid-march and games run Saturdays from April through June. I again have the opportunity to coordinate referees and additionally have had the opportunity to coach occasionally. While weekly soccer games are a lot of fun, the spring soccer league elevates pickup soccer play to the next level by allowing players to compete for their respective schools challenging a different opposing school each week. I love playing a part in facilitating a league that mirrors the experience I had at the same age. I am happy to again take part in this second year of spring soccer as the league continues to grow and improve. The league has more teams, more games and an even more spirited competition this year.

    Cameron Moser is a graduating senior from Scarsdale High School. He coordinates the referees for the BYS Soccer League. Cameron is a member of the BYS Junior Board. He will be attending Dartmouth College in the fall.