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  • Volunteer BUZZ: Karina Eaton

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    Categories Vol. 10 Winter 2018

    Hello, Backyard Sports families! My name is Karina Eaton. I’m one of the Senior Presidents of the Backyard Sports Cares Club at Mamaroneck High School. I’ve been part of Backyard Sports since my Freshman year. It is definitely my favorite club; I love working with each and every kid. During my time at BYSC I have participated in the Friday after school sessions; helped with the Sunday sessions at SUNY Purchase; served on the BYSC Junior Board and helped with the basketball (3 on 3) fundraiser. Now I’m working on a brand new BYSC initiative, creating Ga-ga pits all over Westchester County.

    Our hope is that with these new Ga-ga pits children will learn to build, share and work together. We’re extremely excited about this new program and hope that you reach out to us with any questions you may have. Meanwhile, stay tuned to find out what’s happening!