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  • Two Claps for BYS Plus Teen League!

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    Categories Vol. 10 Winter 2018

    Anyone who has been in the gym on a Sunday morning for our teen league program at Suny Purchase can attest to the fact that Backyard Sports Cares is far more than just sports. Beginning in 2008 with just a handful of nervous young athletes and a couple of eager coaches, the teen league has blossomed into something truly special. With genuine peer companionship and dozens of joyful and willing peer volunteers; the teen league has grown tremendously, forcing Backyard Sports to grow with it.

    The teen league has grown not only in size but also in meaning. When you walk into the gym on a Sunday morning and feel the vibes and see all the smiling faces, it does not take long to realize that you are a part of something special. Over the years, our athletes and volunteers have developed genuine friendships and are excited to come every week to participate in programming that they would otherwise have very limited access to.

    Reverse Inclusion has also become a key ingredient in our recipe for success. Our teens have really turned
    this program into their own, inviting our peer volunteers to compete with them in basketball, soccer, tennis or most recently GaGa. Led by Coach Minotti, our teens are also excited to challenge themselves, learn new skills and acknowledge each other’s accomplishments with the famous “two claps” as we wrap up each session. We look forward to seeing our teen league continue to grow and develop as

    these dedicated athletes become young adults and continue to play for years to come. It is safe to say that our teen league definitely deserves two claps!