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    In the spring of 2018, Backyard Sports Cares, in conjunction with our community and family partners, will undertake a Ga-ga initiative with the plan to build six Ga-ga units in deserving schools and play areas throughout Westchester. Ga-ga is a playground game played in an eight sided walled area commonly known as a Pit. Players compete against one another in a dodge ball type environment. The object of the game is to avoid getting tagged by a rubber ball which is struck with an open fist by the competing players. Individuals remove themselves from the game if they are struck by the ball until one player remains and is declared the winner. Introduced to summer camps decades ago by visiting Israeli counselors, Ga-ga allows boys and girls, and players of all ages and athletic prowess to compete in a safe and fun environment.

    Ga-ga pits cost approximately $4,000 per unit. If constructed correctly and built with the right material, the units will last decades. Scott Blumberg of Talon Athletics will oversee the construction. His organization has partnered with Backyard Sports on many community projects with both underserved and special need participants.

    In late November Backyard Sports met with more than 30 people including families, program supervisors, school administrators, and corporate partners to discuss ideas and strategies for fundraising and implementation. It is an imperative of the initiative to not only build the Pits, but participate in play sharing opportunities with children from across the socio economic spheres of Westchester.

    If your family or organization is interested in participating with this program please call Danny Bernstein at 914-304-4052 or email at danny@byardsports.com.