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  • NightFlight Basketball Takes Off in Mt. Vernon

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    Categories Vol. 11 Winter 2019

    When Lowes Moore calls, you answer! A champion NBA player who returned to the town he grew up in, Lowes is the Executive Director of the Mount Vernon Boys and Girls Club and the creator of the popular NightFlight basketball program there, which is now (proudly!) run by Backyards Sports Cares.

    Every Friday night, between 40 and 50 youth between the ages of 8 and 15 participate in this unique initiative. As with all our sports programs, we have a curriculum and a mission, and weave important soft skills throughout the experience: leadership, decision-making, collaboration, cooperation and selflessness. We kick off with a thinking session where kids interpret a relevant and thought-provoking quote, then move on to a specific basketball concept. For instance, we recently considered how players can be productive team members even when they don’t have the ball or the opportunity to score. Afterward, we work on improvement of individual skills and end with a bit of healthy competition.

    “We get kids to think about the decisions they’re making, what it means to be part of a team, all while they get fit, and learn, play and improve at their favorite sport,” said Coach Vin Minotti. “We also give them a safe place to spend a social Friday night.”

    Stay tuned – this program will expand in the future to include other sports.