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  • BYSC’s First Chief Development Officer

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    Categories Vol. 14 Winter 2020

    We’re thrilled to welcome Steve Tseckares to the BYSC team as our new – and first – Chief Development Officer. Having spent many years as a television journalist, producer and executive for companies like CNN, MTV and MSNBC and as a seasoned volunteer and mentor, Steve brings a diverse background and skillset to BYSC. He’ll be working closely with Danny and the Board of Directors to develop and implement a strategic plan to guide fundraising activities and overseeing our communications strategy. We’re working to ensure that BYSC has a secure future!

    Steve shares that he certainly didn’t have to be sold on the importance of sports, because the lessons he learned on the field have shaped his whole life. “Sports teach us that we can get results through practice, and about the value of teamwork,” said. “Throughout my career, I’ve always had a team. And on any team, you have to accept the vulnerability of needing to rely on others and realize that everyone has a role to play and no one person is more important.”