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  • Board Spotlight: Jocelyn Sontag

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    Categories Vol. 14 Winter 2020

    Jocelyn joined the Backyard Sports family when her son – now in college – was only three, and eventually became a founding Board member of Backyard Sports Cares. She is now helping to bring us into the future: this spring and summer, Jocelyn led the search committee for our first Development Officer. Far beyond resume-reading, this was a thorough and exhaustive examination of our goals and expectations in relation to the future of our organization. Over Zoom and socially distanced in Jocelyn’s backyard, we figured it out and took the plunge. (You can learn about Steve, our new Chief Development Officer, by clicking here) Thank you, Jocelyn, for your leadership!

    Jocelyn recently shared with us that she finds a lot to love and be inspired by in the activities of BYSC, and that’s why she’s so enthusiastic about the role of a Development Officer in helping us grow through new relationships with the community.

    “The most special part is that everything we do works both ways,” she said. “We’re not only serving children that sign up for our programs, but we are serving the volunteers as well. BYSC is the forum for children of different abilities and backgrounds to find a fun and easy way to connect and form lasting bonds.”

    In her professional life, Jocelyn is a Travel Consultant affiliated with Valerie Wilson Travel, Inc. Formerly an attorney specializing in executive compensation and employee benefits, she now focuses her efforts on her travel business and not-for-profit organizations in her community.  She also enjoys playing bridge, playing tennis, skiing, theater and of course, she absolutely loves to travel. Jocelyn is married and has two children attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Go Blue!