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    Although simple in nature and form, suburban soccer is recognized as much by its shiny uniforms and team/club affiliations. The cost of participating in a team or league puts this activity out of reach for many children in Westchester County. The Backyard Sports League was created three years ago to allow players from underserved areas the opportunity to play on a team of their own complete with a coach, uniforms, and participation in a sponsored league. Today more than 300 children, representing schools and community centers from across the county, receive weekly practice and travel up to Purchase College on the weekends for a Saturday game. Backyard Sports Cares coaches along with high school students serve as assistant coaches and referees. This season we started to notice the increased support from all the participating schools. Every Saturday administrators, principals and assistant principals from the participating schools were on the sidelines cheering and supporting their students. The kids may be their students, but on game day Saturday, they cheered and supported as if the kids were their very own. Seeing that is a reminder of why the Backyard Sports Soccer League was started and how far it’s come.