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  • Coach’s Corner By Danny Bernstein, Head Coach Backyard Sports Cares

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    Categories Vol. 2 Winter 2014

    backyard sports cares coach's corner vol2 photoLast year I attended a grass roots symposium on community service sports organizations where we discussed how soccer is uniquely positioned among all major sports in this country to be a catalyst of community and social enrichment.

    Given the simplicity of the game, its presence in all socio economic groups, and of course its rich multi cultural heritage, soccer is indeed a powerful mechanism to link communities and provide healthy antidotes to ailing neighborhoods.

    In the service of this community building role, I am most proud of the launch of our Backyard Sports Cares Soccer Club which has been introduced as mini clubs to seven different elementary schools and community organizations.

    We have been blessed with a great staff of dedicated coaches and collaborating partners to give 150 young children the opportunity to reap all the benefits of game play and the meaningful relationships established between the players and coaches.

    We culminated our season with a festival held at the Mt. Vernon Underdome which allowed our players to show off their skills and more importantly share their love for the game with their families. Happy New Year!!