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  • BYSC Partners For First Westchester “Bike Day”

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    Categories Vol. 5 Summer 2015

    bysc bike dayI think many of us can recall that day or moment when you got your first bike. Whether it was shiny red or blue, it represented a rite of passage to responsibility, growth and independence. Thankfully, through Foundation for Life, a non-profit founded by Paul and Mindee Bianco of local Barnum Financial Group, an office of Met Life in Westchester, kids whose families may lack the resources to afford a bicycle got a great surprise; free new bikes for all!

    The absolute joy emanating from the childrens’ faces was, in the words of those famous commercials, PRICELESS. BYSC was honored to partner with the Foundation as well as the White Plains Youth Bureau to help make this launch a success and welcome other opportunities for community engagement.