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  • BYSC Expands Reach in Creative Way

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    Categories Vol. 6 Fall 2015

    Friends of BYSC provided funds to bring a “Learning to Look: Art Appreciation Project to25 youngsters at the Slater Center in White Plains. Under the direction of Sharon Morris, Shari Potter, and Liz Somekh the children received a four session class exposing them to various periods and styles of classical art. Each meeting included a hands on project where the children expressed their own creative talents.

    The program culminated with a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art so the kids could actually see the art studied for real. Commented Marty Rudow, White Plains Youth Bureau Director of Afterschool Programming, “Activities such as these not only expand the artistic and cognitive potential of our students, but more importantly broaden their horizons by placing them in a physical place (the Met) outside of their traditional boundaries.”

    bysc expands reach