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  • Backyard Sports Cares Camps Out At Brant Lake Cameron Moser, Scarsdale High School

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    bysc at brant lakeIn August, Backyard Sports Cares staff, volunteer peer mentors and roughly 40 kids from at-risk areas of Westchester headed up to Brant Lake Camp in the Adirondack Mountains for three days of a full sleep away camp experience.

    Since this was my second year going on the trip, I was excited to continue the great experience and was met by old friends as well as new faces eager to introduce themselves. Having spent seven summers up in the Adirondacks myself, I love sharing the camp experience with kids who haven’t had the chance and who seldom leave their neighborhoods. It makes me appreciate what I have been given.

    What a weekend! So many fun camp activities, but the one that sticks out most is hiking up Brothers Mountain together. Everyone made it to the top and then we had some unexpected company; several hikers were stung by bees.

    Despite this hiccup, everyone was ready for the next activity after a quick trip to the infirmary. However, the bee incident left the other half of the group who were set to go hiking a little reluctant and afraid. But Coach Danny reminded everyone that each bee sting was really a life lesson: you can just stay inside, in your comfort zone, or you can go out and take risks, and try something new. A bee’s sting hurts for a moment, but the pain quickly goes away, however, memories and experiences last forever.

    At the evening campfire, we were able to talk and share our experiences. The hardest part of the weekend was saying goodbye but knowing the memories of the trip and hopefully the experiences we shared will stay with us.