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  • Hoops to Help – We Need YOU to Bring the Joy of Sports to Underserved and Special Needs Kids

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    bysc 3 on 3 2016

    Dear Friends of Backyards Sports Cares,

    I am hoping that you have followed the impact of our work both outside and within our communities over the past several years.  It has always been our goal to be a change agent through sports for young athletes who need extra assistance while giving our own sons and daughters the opportunity to be leaders through the activities they love.

    Highlights of this work include:

    1.   A special needs teen basketball league which brings together cognitively challenged teenagers and high school athletes for a unique inclusive basketball experience.

    2.   A travel soccer league giving 200 underserved players a chance to play “travel” soccer with all the bells and whistles of a typical soccer program.

    3.   A Friday night tennis program allowing at risk youth to play tennis at Sound Shore Tennis, a private facility coached by professional staff aided by our own sons and daughters.

    4.   A summer trip to Brant Lake Camp giving 30 Mt. Vernon campers an opportunity to have an authentic private camp experience.

    I have been fortunate to have the best seat in the house to watch and admire the handiwork of our own neighborhood.  Make no mistake, this is a team effort. While Backyard Sports Cares can take the credit for recognizing the need and creating the platform, the magic of the programs has been the active engagement of our community members.  This is the real blessing. While the formula for this work is simple, the programs themselves would not take place without your generous support.  Funding pays for the coaches, equipment, uniforms, and training which allow us to level the playing field for our team members.

    On April 16th, 2016, we will host our fourth annual 3 on 3 Basketball TournamentThis year the event will take place at Iona Prep in New Rochelle.

    I am reaching out to you for an assist.  The day means nothing without the enthusiastic participation of the players and families coming together for a day of competitive basketball.  This year I am hoping that once again I can depend on you to either participate, sponsor a guest team, or be a cheerleader to recruit participation.  Always eager to expand the reach of the event, we will be introducing a new high school division for boys and girls.  I have attached a flyer and a registration form for you.

    For those of you who have worked on similar events, you understand the scale of energy that goes into the planning and execution of a fundraising activity.  While asking for your support is the most difficult and sometimes most uncomfortable of tasks, I am hoping that you understand the unconditional sincerity of my ask. I take this challenge on because I believe in our work and with your help what we are capable of accomplishing.

    For more information about 3×3 Basketball Tournament, please visit our website at www.byardsportscares.org or call us at 914-304-4052.

    Thanks so much for your support.

    Sincerely yours,

    Danny Bernstein

    Executive Director
    Backyard Sports Cares