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    soccer tournament
    Soccer tournament at SUNY Purchase

    On Saturday, January 30th, a few of the Backyard Sports Junior Board members gathered together at SUNY Purchase to play 6 vs. 6 soccer games with kids ranging from 7-10 who came from all over Westchester County to participate. It was an awesome, fulfilling experience for the coaches and all the kids who were involved.

    “Soccer is a fun sport where kids can socialize and make friends.”  – Danny Bernstein, Executive Director, BYSC

    bysc soccer tournament
    Kids gear up in their team colors to win!

    The kids were split up into 6 teams by birthday with a colored pinni to represent their 6 vs. 6 soccer playing. The kids played name activities in the beginning to get to know each other and then had an exciting two hours of some friendly and competitive soccer! The event concluded with pizza and soda in the cafeteria. Kids were even asking if this could be an “every Saturday kind-of-thing”. The event will definitely be continued.