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  • Volunteer Buzz: James Beveridge Teams Up With Kyle Fitzpatrick

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    BYSC: James Beneridge and Kyle FitzpatrickJames Beveridge and Kyle Fitzpatrick first met 9 years ago at BYSC Plus Basketball. Flash forward to this fall, and they are still playing together. James, from Scarsdale is a BYSC volunteer peer mentor. Kyle, from New Rochelle enjoys spending time with James and getting to shoot baskets with him every Sunday. Sometimes they team up to help some of the smaller children dunk baskets (James is 6’7” and Kyle not far behind). James has always needed extra help along the way with sports and academics. He and his mom, Miriam have greatly valued BYSC programs. Miriam adds, “BYSC Plus brings the whole community together. It pulls from a large net of people from different towns for better opportunities for these kids to make friends while having fun and learning.”