BYSC + Jefferson Elementary Build Bridges for Latchkey Kids in New Roc

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This week marks the third week of the Jefferson Elementary after-school program, known as Puentes, which means Bridges in Spanish. Located in New Rochelle, the goal of the program is to keep kids in a safe, caring and educational environment.

“Many of the kids in our program at Jefferson would be going home to an empty house after school because their parents are working and cannot afford after-school childcare,” says Danny Bernstein, executive director, Backyard Sports Cares. “This program gets them off the streets and exposes them to healthy sports and educational activities.”

The program is offered to children in grades 3rd through 5th. Currently, about 40 amazing young kids participate in a wide variety of physical activities and classes in gardening, Spanish language, crochet and even a dance class with a professional dancer. Backyard Sports Cares looks forward to expanding this program and its curriculum in the future.

jefferson afterschool program
Pictured: Coach Billy Murphy teaching Jefferson Elementary kids about the different types of bloods vessels in the human body.


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