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  • Edward Williams School, Mount Vernon Plays Golf

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    BYSC brings access to school age athletes with little or no access.   Ethan Bunzel, a junior at Scarsdale High School and member of the Varsity Golf team pioneered a golf program at the Amazing Afternoon Program in Mt. Vernon.  Read Ethan’s perspective.

    “The game of golf has given me so many opportunities and has opened me up to so many experiences that it played such an important role in my life.  Therefore, when the opportunity came up to teach some kids that haven’t had the same opportunities and experiences I have had, I jumped on it right away.  For the past few weeks, my friend Jacob Eisenstein, my brother Max, and I have been teaching golf to 3rd and 4th grade kids from the Edward Williams School.  While most of the kids have never even seen a golf club, it has been amazing to see how excited they are to learn and how well they are able to process what we teach them.  It seems as if they are as focused to hit a golf ball as they are to learn their multiplication tables.  Golf is not always the most popular or exciting sport for young children to pick up. But by our showing them that golf is actually a very enjoyable sport, they will hopefully be eager to learn more about the sport and improve on the fundamental skills we have taught them.  If we did not establish this program, most of these kids would have never felt the joy of hitting a golf ball.  This program at the Edward Williams School was a great start, and I hope to continue to bring golf to areas where golf has never been experienced before.”    Ethan Bunzel-