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  • BYS Teen Volunteers Teach Golf at Bits and Pieces Day Camp

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    Guest post by BYSC teen volunteer: Max Bunzel

    Teaching golf to the kids at the White Plains Youth Bureau Bits and Pieces Day Camp has been an amazing experience for Scott Galst and me. We have seen many kids go from zero exposure to golf to playing and improving every week.

    We taught kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and middle schoolers this summer. For the younger age groups (pictured below), we taught them the basics of the golf swing. Most of these kids could not hit the ball when we began coaching them, but as we worked with them week after week, we saw improvement among all of them.

    backyard sports cares golf

    For the older age group, a majority of them had some level of golf experience, which included hitting on the range or mini golf. So, for the first week, we looked at all of their swings and told them things they could work on to improve. Once we started to see improvement, we got to play games, like baseball golf, putting relay races, and golf jackpot, where they put these skills to the test. In baseball golf, the same rules in baseball applied, except you hit a golf ball off a tee instead of being thrown a pitch. This was the kids’ favorite game and this really allowed them to enjoy the game of golf.

    backyard sports golf