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  • A sponsor’s perspective on why you should participate in the BYSC 3 vs. 3 Basketball Tournament

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    With one month to go before our big 3 vs. 3 Basketball Tournament, we wanted to help demystify the event while paying homage to some of our loyal sponsors who continue to support us and the recreation programs that we bring to disadvantaged Westchester kids and to those with special needs. One of our long-time sponsors is Denise Koslowsky, principal of Advocate Brokerage, which is based in Scarsdale, NY.

    LISTEN to our interview with Denise Koslowsky, principal, Advocate Brokerage

    BYSC: For folks who don’t know about Advocate Brokerage and what you do, can you give us an overview?

    Denise K.:  Sure. We are a property and casualty insurance company and we are home-based in Scarsdale where we were founded. So we serve the tri-state area, but because we’re born and bred, I’m literally born and bred in Scarsdale, we do a lot to support the local community. Our primary client base is basically within a 150-mile radius of Scarsdale, NY. But mostly Westchester is our backyard and we do whatever we can to support our county.

    BYSC:  You have been involved with Backyard Sports Cares for some time now. I’d like to dive a little deeper into your mission and how it dovetails with Backyard Sports Cares, as it relates to helping Westchester children and bringing sports programming to those who can’t afford it or are challenged by a disability.

    Denise K.:  Well, Danny ingratiated himself to us from the very beginning. I believe my son was in his very first soccer group even before Backyard Sports Cares came to be. His approach to youth sports, which is to deemphasize the competitive aspect and prioritize on fun, skills, and character building, was wonderful and sort of grabbed us from that point on.

    Then, I would say we all evolved and grew up together. My son did his mitzvah project with Danny and, of course, he stayed with it and continued to volunteer with Backyard Sports Cares. But the reason that BYSC aligned so much with what we do is Danny just embraced bringing on every family and kid who wanted to help and then connected them with kids in need. Some had special needs or some were at-risk kids. Whatever the connection, he just has this gift of putting people together to improve lives of others and I just love that mission.

    We’ve done a lot of that in our personal life. We were very involved with the Greyston Foundation. That was a similar kind of setup where you helped one individual at a time improve their life. So, multiplying that number and seeing five or 10 kids that you personally know go through a life-changing experience, that’s a big deal. We just love what BYSC does.

    BYSC: There are a lot of folks out there that maybe can’t wrap their heads around what the 3 vs. 3 event is. If you were going to send a message to those dads out there, what would you say to them? Why is it a good idea for them to sign up and play?

    Denise K.: Well, this is another event that I’ve watched grow up over the years. The 3 vs. 3 Basketball Tournament has always been an amazing day no matter how you slice it.

    But now, I think that it’s more about the groups that it’s serving and less about people worrying that it’s going to be a competitive day of sports. I think that it’s just a fun way for people to come out and break a sweat and do something good and fun and meet and greet everybody they’re helping. It’s just going to be an amazing day.