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    A letter from a parent

    “I just thought that I would share these photos of my son Danny working out with his volunteer Ethan. It was such a nice connection for the boys to have. The sun was shining, the boys were working out and laughing and the dog was chasing all the balls that Danny threw in his exercises and stole his bases a couple of times as well. Not bad for a Sunday morning.

    Danny was so looking forward to having Backyard Sports today. It did not matter that it was virtual. He just wanted to hang out with another boy his age and throw a ball around.

    The unseen efforts in these photos were two moms holding the phones for their athletes and cheering their boys on, hearts full of pride on a sunny Mother’s Day morning.

    Nothing better than that. Thank you Backyard Sports. Thanks for being creative and adaptable and for always thinking about how we can get kids together to have some fun.”


    (We felt strongly that in addition to connecting kids virtually during Saturday night Zoom sessions, we needed to get them physically active. So, we’re training our volunteers to engage in a sports activity virtually, and kicked off a new weekly program on May 10th. We were so pleased to see this note from a parent after the very first session!)