In Memory of Mitch Slater

mitch slater

Donations in Mitch’s memory can be made to Backyard Sports Cares, a nonprofit in Westchester County, NY that gives underserved and special needs youth access to high quality sports. Mitch loved this organization because it allowed young people, through sports, to see a world beyond their current circumstances inspiring hope and ambition. These same lessons guided Mitch from the hoop courts and stickball games of Queens to forge his own unique and successful path.  Mitch understood that these experiences are critical for a  child’s future, but too often inaccessible due to grave inequities in our society.   Please donate and help a child fulfill their promise.


To make a donation, send a check to:

Backyard Sports Cares
75 South Broadway, Suite 453
White Plains, NY 10601
(914) 304-4052

Or you can make a donation online by clicking the button of your choice below.

backyard sports cares benefit - Youth Shelter of Westchester$100,000 Donation:
Each $100,000 donation can support one year of physical education and complementary recreational programming for the Youth Shelter of Westchester.

backyard sports cares benefit - BYSC Basketball/Soccer League$50,000 Donation:
Each $50,000 donation can support one year including uniforms, coaching, and programming costs toward participation in the BYSC Basketball/Soccer League. This is a program designed to support youths who can not afford the high cost of traditional leagues fees.

backyard sports cares benefit - BYS Friday Night Teen Sports and Recreation program $25,000 Donation:
Each $25,000 donation can support the annual cost for over 150 Special Needs children in our BYS Plus Special Needs Sport program.

backyard sports cares benefit - After SchoolSports Club $10,000 Donation
Each $10,000 donation can support the annual cost for one economically challenged school to participate in a BYSC after school sports program.

backyard sports cares benefit - Choose Your Own Donation $5,000 Donation:
Each $5,000 donation pays for the cost and installation of a play ground GAGA pit in an underserved school.

backyard sports cares benefit - Choose Your Own Donation Other:
Offset the cost for camp trips, hikes, special events and other recreational opportunities neccessary for the development of young athletes of our community.

Please call (914) 304-4052 or Click Here to contact us if you would like information on our community partnership opportunities and programs, or if you would like to volunteer.