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  • The guru behind the GAGA ball — And BYSC’s Mission GAGA 2018

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    Pictured from left: Talon Athletics co-owners, Perez and Scott Blumberg
    Pictured from left: Talon Athletics co-owners, Will Perez (Vice President) and Scott Blumberg (President)

    When you hear the name Talon Athletics, the sport of GaGa may not spring to mind, but it should. Based on an inspiration by Scott Blumberg and Will Perez more than five years ago, Talon Athletics has grown into the largest supplier of GaGa Pits, protective gloves, as well as the premier host of GaGa events in the New York tristate area.

    A large part of their success is linked to their commitment to giving back to the communities in which they serve. Backyard Sports Cares has worked with Scott and Talon Athletics for several years. And this year, through our partnership with Scott and Talon’s generosity, we have achieved key benchmarks in meeting our GaGa Mission 2018 objectives.

    Back in November 2017, Backyard Sports Cares launched an ambitious mission with Talon Athletics to bring kids from all socioeconomic backgrounds in Westchester together through GaGa play. A dedicated team of BYSC’s stakeholders, advocates, parents, and volunteers along with Talon Athletics’ dedicated team, helped fund, coordinate and oversee the development and ongoing program coordination of three new gaga pits in under-served areas of Westchester County.

    [GaGa is also played on Sunday mornings at Purchase College as part of the Backyard Sports Plus
    program for special needs athletes]

    New GaGa Pit installed at the Mt. Vernon Boys and Girls Club in January 2018
    New GaGa Pit installed at the Mt. Vernon Boys and Girls Club in January 2018

    Scott and his team generously provided the GaGa pits, led their construction efforts and initiated some introductory game instruction at GaGa community launch events at the Boys and Girls Club of Mount Vernon, the Slater Center in White Plains, and the Carver Center in Portchester.

    “People are always curious about how a retired special education teacher became the GaGa guru,” said Scott Blumberg, President, Talon Athletics. “Working at a New Rochelle summer camp for several years, I learned about GaGa and what most intrigued me was that anyone could play — and you don’t have to be the best to win.”

    “Working with Danny Bernstein and Backyard Sports Cares was a natural fit for us. Both of our organizations want kids to have fun, and have access to sports and activities that build confidence, provide physical activity and bring communities together,” added Blumberg.

    Scott Blumberg, Talon Athletics, works with volunteers to construct new GaGa Pit at the Carver Center in White Plains.

    Backyard Sports Cares and Talon Athletics have plans to build a fourth GaGa Pit to benefit kids from the Hamilton and Williams School in the Mount Vernon school district this fall. To get Gaga in your community, book a private GaGa event or for additional information about the services Talon Athletics provides, visit www.talonathletics.com.