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  • Tennis Is A Hit With White Plains Youth By Caitlin White

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    bys plus after school tennisbysc vulunteer: By Caitlin WhiteAt age four, I fell in love with tennis, thanks to my dad. Once I picked up the racquet, I never looked back and played competitively in college at Towson University, a Division 1 program. Tennis has helped mold me into the person I am today. Presently, I am a third year law student at Pace University. I know tennis helped give me the determination and self-discipline necessary to succeed in school.

    I wanted to teach tennis for Backyard Sports Cares to share my passion. I know many of the students would not have the opportunity to play without the BYSC USTA “Quick Start” program. With this program, tennis is played in a gym with softer balls, smaller racquets and nets. “Quick Start” gives the kids a higher likelihood of success, helping to build a love for the game as well as build their confidence. I love working for Backyard Sports because I get a thrill seeing how much the students enjoy learning and playing.

    I hope by bringing tennis to them, I am providing them not only the skills necessary to play, but also help them foster the love of the game and the values I developed from playing and enjoying
    tennis my whole life.

    Caitlin White has been a BYSC coach for more than two years for our after school sports offerings in the four grammar schools in White Plains. BYSC offers tennis programs that serve more than 400 students per year through a collaborative partnership with the White Plains Youth Bureau.

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