BYSC Celebrates February Birthdays with Coachman Family Center Kids

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coachman center birthday

Last Sunday, Backyard Sports Cares visited the Coachman Family Center to brighten spirits of homeless children through sports and play. Based in White Plains, the Coachman Center is home to more than a dozen families in need of shelter due to various and unfortunate circumstances. Although the families live at the center in White Plains, the children still attend their respective schools in their home districts. Backyard Sports was there as part of a monthly play program that celebrates the birthdays of kids at the shelter each month. coachman center kids

Executive Director and Founder of Backyard Sports Cares, Danny Bernstein, was on hand, along with the Danzig Family (Alison, Spencer and Mason), who are consistent volunteers of the program. The kids participated in some fun and competitive games of floor hockey and teamwork exercises. “It’s nice to give kids the experience that we enjoy every day,” said Mason. During the fun hour of activity, Spencer and Mason engaged youngsters, while their mother, Alison, contributed in various roles, such as coach, photographer, and logistics coordinator. In regards to the program’s outreach for the near future, Alison says, “The more communities that Backyard Sports Cares can reach through certain activities, the better. This program is already making a big difference.”

coachman center bysc volunteers
BYSC volunteers: Spencer, Alison and Mason Danzig

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