BYSC executive director announces Next Generation Campaign to lead organization into the future

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LISTEN to our podcast interview with Danny Bernstein, executive director, BYSC

When Backyard Sports Cares launched in 2009, we knew we were doing something special. There was a void for many parents in the Westchester Community who were seeking either affordable sports programming for their typical child or programs that were accommodating to their child or teen with physical or developmental challenges.

Now, 10 years later, through the support of hundreds of Westchester community families and private sector partners, we have been able to serve more than 2,500 youngsters and teens annually who have had little to no access to organized team sports.

Melvin Campos, Boys & Girls Club

“Danny Bernstein and Backyard Sports Cares are very important and valued partners of the Boys & Girls Club of Mount Vernon. Their sports programming is integral to our Youth Development Strategy. Backyard Sports works with us to provide opportunities for youth in non-traditional sports. The BYSC Team is professional and engaging and offers our kids a chance to participate enthusiastically in sports that would typically be out of reach.” — Melvin Campos, chief professional officer, Boys & Girls Club of Mount Vernon

BYSC’s programs have proven to help fill a significant gap in our community, while also bringing together athletes and families with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, physical abilities, and cultural traditions. In order to sustain our purpose now and into the future, it is time to invest in a new generation of organizational leadership.

next generation fund

Through our Next Generation Fundraising Campaign, our goal is to raise $500,000, which will be used to recruit outstanding talent. Our immediate priority is to retain professionals to fill three key positions: Associate Executive Director, Development Director and Program Leader. In the future, we hope to build a comprehensive development team and add even more professional coaches and program leaders. These will be talented, passionate individuals who will not only lead sports, but carry our culture into the next generation of Backyard Sports Cares.

The meaningful donations of our supporters will ensure that Backyard Sports Cares raises the capital required to recruit and retain an extensive leadership staff who will anchor our team for the next decade and beyond.

next gen budget

We are committed to cultivating and educating those professionals who will lead our organization into the future.  We must hire and source program and organizational leaders who share our passion and commitment to youth based sports development. Our legacy, our connection to the future begins with this endeavor.

Please help us to continue to provide high-quality youth sports programming and unique socialization opportunities, that include:

  1. Giving 200 cognitively challenged children a safe space to enjoy sports and play
  2. Providing 400 under-resourced elementary school children their first opportunity to play in an organized soccer and basketball league for their schools and organizations with trained coaches, new equipment, and their very first uniform.
  3. Introducing 500 children without access or funds to their first tennis experience.
  4. Bringing physical education and recreational experiences such as yoga, skiing, hiking, and rugby to 20 teens in an alternative to incarceration residence in Mt. Vernon.
  5. Creating an event-based platform for socialization, geared to teens and young adults with special needs.
  6. Providing volunteer peer mentoring opportunities for hundreds of high school students to work with special needs and disadvantaged children.
  7. Providing over 100 coaches the opportunity to serve their community in a uniquely meaningful environment.

From all of us at Backyard Sports Cares, thank you for your support and generosity.

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