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  • Brothers find connection through BYSC Program for Special Needs Athletes

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    james and kyle fitzpatrick.cropped.
    Pictured from left: James Fitzpatrick with brother, Kyle Fitzpatrick

    James Fitzpatrick, former BYSC teen mentor and “Red Shirt” alum, comes back to visit PLUS program athletes, including his brother Kyle.

    We chatted with James Fitzpatrick this past weekend when he came to pick up brother, Kyle, from our Sunday program for special needs athletes. Now a Geometry and Spanish teacher at Iona Prep, James reminisces about his days as a teen mentor.

    “Kyle was involved in the program as an athlete a couple of years before I came on board as a teen mentor,” says James. “I attended Iona Prep High School and service was a big part of our requirements. It was a natural fit for me to volunteer for Backyard Sports Cares since my brother was in the program and I felt comfortable working with special needs athletes.”

    “Working with kids was something I always seemed to lean toward and participating as a teen mentor with Backyard Sports gave me the experience that helped solidify my career goal to teach.”

    Kyle, now 21, says having his big brother around was a great experience, and after participating in the PLUS program for more than 10 years, he still loves it — especially playing basketball with his friends.