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  • GaGa Plays Key Role in Ambitious Mission for Spring 2018

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    Volunteers and Vested Supporters are Invited to Join this Important Initiative with Backyard Sports Cares

    Backyard Sports Cares is embarking on an ambitious mission to bring kids from all socioeconomic backgrounds in Westchester together — and GaGa is the lynchpin.

    Last week, BYSC Executive Director, Danny Bernstein, hosted a kickoff conference with BYSC’s stakeholders and advocates to discuss planning associated with the development and ongoing program coordination of five to six new GaGa pits in under-served areas of Westchester County.

    Gaga group meeting
    Danny Bernstein addresses attendees at GaGa Project Kickoff meeting.

    Why GaGa?

    “GaGa knows no social or economic boundaries, says Bernstein. “We are excited to kick off our plan to build, develop and take program ownership of up to half a dozen new GaGa pits across under-served areas in the Westchester community. Supporters and volunteers who are vested in the community and bringing our kids together through play are integral to the success of this effort.”

    MISSION: Westchester GaGa 2018

    The kickoff meeting brought together a seed group of dedicated Backyard Sports Cares’ supporters, parents, coaches and volunteers to outline the goals, objectives, and first-steps toward making this vision a reality.

    “Our ambitious project schedule sets our launch date before the end of April with GaGa programming beginning at each to-be-determined site by May 1st,” says Bernstein. “We are building our cadre of committed supporters and volunteers to lead this effort in up to six locations and we encourage our friends and advocates to step up to be part of this significantly beneficial project.”

    According to Bernstein, there are many levels of participation associated with this effort. “We are looking for excited volunteers, fundraisers and donors to collaborate with us on everything from establishing five to six site-based workgroups and coordinating building schedules to raising funds and planning ongoing programs.”

    Each GaGa Pit is estimated to cost between $4-$5,000. Donors have the option to sponsor a GaGa Pit with the inclusion of a plaque featuring the donor family name or organization name. We want families to engage as players as much as funders and builders.

    Please contact Danny Bernstein for more information about getting involved with Project GaGa via email, danny@byardsports.com.